Thursday, May 5, 2016

Citations Per Dollar as a Measure of Productivity

National Institutes of Health
Office of Extramural Research
Mike Lauer
April 28, 2016

NIH grants reflect research investments that we hope will lead to advancement of fundamental knowledge and/or application of that knowledge to efforts to improve health and well-being. In February, we published a blog on the publication impact of NIH funded research.  We were gratified to hear your many thoughtful comments and questions. Some of you suggested that we should not only focus on output (e.g. highly cited papers), but also on cost – or as one of you mentioned “citations per dollar.”  Indeed, my colleagues and I have previously taken a preliminary look at this question in the world of cardiovascular research.  Today I’d like to share our exploration of citations per dollar using a sample of R01 grants across NIH’s research portfolio. What we found has an interesting policy implication for maximizing NIH’s return on investment in research.