Friday, May 26, 2017

Lawmakers Show Sympathy for Trump Plan to Squeeze Research Costs

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Paul Basken
May 25, 2017

When the Ohio University economist Richard Vedder thinks of his counterparts at Harvard, he sees more than just a great research university.

He sees shiny marble floors.

Such high-end decor is a signal, Mr. Vedder told lawmakers Wednesday on Capitol Hill, that the federal government spends too much money on the extraneous costs surrounding university research.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

NIH Is Firm on Plan to Limit Per-Person Grant Awards

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Paul Basken
May 17, 2017

Despite facing protests, the National Institutes of Health promised Wednesday to move ahead with a plan to impose a general limit of three major grants per researcher, persuaded by data linking quantity to declining effectiveness.
"We are determined to take some action now that we have this data," the NIH’s director, Francis S. Collins, told a House appropriations subcommittee. "When you’ve seen that data," he added after the hearing, "you can’t just walk away and say, ‘Oh, that’s fine.’"

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Called to the White House, Business Leaders Attest to NIH’s Value

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Paul Basken
May 9, 2017

Not even two months ago, the Trump administration shocked the biomedical research community by proposing an 18-percent cut to the budget of the National Institutes of Health.
On Monday at the White House, that attitude began to look like ancient history.
Ushered into the Executive Mansion by a contingent of biomedical industry chiefs, NIH leaders spent two hours with top administration officials — followed by a visit with President Trump himself — carefully explaining the economic and human-health importance of the federal investment in medical science.

Monday, May 1, 2017

A Worrisome Harbinger of Changes in Copyright Law

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Pamela Samuelson
April 23, 2017

With all the dysfunction in the White House and Capitol Hill this year, you might think that the copyright bills pending before Congress do not need your attention. Think again. Momentum is building for three of these measures, and their impact on institutions of higher education will not be welcome.
The most likely of the bills to pass (and scheduled for a vote this week) is the Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act of 2017. It has bipartisan support from 32 cosponsors in the House, and the endorsement of three key members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill calls for the Register of Copyrights to be a presidential appointee for a 10-year term, subject to Senate confirmation. This bill has already been reported out of the House Judiciary Committee.